GRAHAM GUNN wants to stop free speech, ie. people reporting animal cruelty

639 ABC Radio
6 February, 9.23am
Graham Gunn "...I am of the view that in the next Parliament that there should be some changes made to the law so as some common sense can apply and if no one else is prepared to do it I am very happy to do it … because I have attended three rodeos in recent times … they’ve all been well run, well organised, and created a great deal of enjoyment for a lot of people and a few extremists who seem to have a completely different agenda shouldn’t be allowed to unreasonably interrupt or cause a great deal of distress for the people running it..."

JUSTIN JARVIS is an advocate for rodeo

639 ABC Radio
3 February, 6.51pm

"I just think that people in the country need to stand up for our own culture and the things that we do because it’s all very well for people who’ve never experienced life in this part of the world to make these accusations and to try to change our activities, but it’s important that they understand that … we’ve got our own ways of doing things and these events are part of our own heritage and our history and I want to defend that"

SIMON COOK is contesting the seat of Stuart with pro-rodeo Jarvis & Gunn

639 ABC Radio
3 February, 6.51pm

In response to ... "are you a radical animal liberationist as Jim Willoughby suggested Jeanie Walker is?...
"I don’t think to have concern for animals and to be opposed to animal cruelty is at all radical … all people that I’ve met and talked to and asked is it acceptable to unnecessarily cause animal suffering, have said to me certainly not … what we’re seeing at the public outrage at rodeos is an expression of that … I totally reject the label radical.




Politician's & Candidate's Views on Rodeo

Over a period of several months last year, ALP, independent and small party politicians (holding balance of power in government) were sent vision of cruel acts inflicted on animals at South Australian rodeos, supporting research and news reports and asked them to state their opinion of rodeo.

1 • Politicians and candidates who supported the continuation of cruel rodeos

Hon Graham Gunn - Member for Stuart - LIB Mr Gunn advocated for rodeos in Parliament 21 November [recorded in Hansard] and SPONSORED THE DISGUSTING WILMINGTON RODEO 28 January 2006 where another horse was severely injured.

Justin Jarvis - Candidate for Stuart - ALP Read his letter in local paper

Hon John Hill - Member for Kaurna - ALP & Minister for Animal Welfare John Hill is reponsible for the animal welfare portfolio. For over a year his office refused to take any notice of the hours of undeniable video evidence presented to them dipicting blatant acts of cruelty to animals undertaken at rodeos. During the state election, Mr Hill started acknowleging this issue, however, no improvements have been made for animals in recent rodeos and they continue to suffer. In Parliament 21 November [recorded in Hansard] Mr Hill expressed support of rodeo. Now that he has personally been given the footage, we expect him to change his mind, regardless of his portfolio.

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2 • Politicians & Candidates who supported a ban of rodeo

House of Assembly [Lower House]

Amanda Barlow Independant No Rodeo Profile
  Diana Carrol - Liberal
Andy Johnstone - Democrats
  Greg Croke - Democrats
  Hon Dr Bob Such MP Independent, Speaker of the House
  Maxwell Baumann - Democrats
  Frances Bedford - Labor Party
Esmond Vettoretti Independent, No Rodeo Profile
  Andrew Castrique - Democrats
Jeanie Walker Independant No Rodeo Profile
  Tim Flaherty - Liberal
  Graham Pratt - Democrats
Craig Allan Independant No Rodeo Profile
Rita Hunt Independent Australian Labour First
Mika Kabacznik-Weller - Greens
Jenny Scott - Democrats
Keryn Hassall - Democrats
Troy Walker Independant No Rodeo Profile
  Mark Osterstock - Liberal
  Ruth Russell - Democrats

David Winderlich - Democrats

Marie Nicholls Independant No Rodeo Profile
  Gary Hennessy - Liberal
  Bill Weller - Greens Candidate
  Yvonne Baillie - Democrats Candidate
Simon Cook Independant No Rodeo Profile
Nicole Price - Democrats Candidate
Legislative Council
Hon Ian Gilfillan - SA Democrats
Hon Sandra Kanck - Leader of SA Democrats
Hon Kate Reynolds - SA Democrats

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3 • Politicians who didn't respond

While these apathetic Category 3 politicians more than likely sipped champagne in air-conditioned comfort on New Years Eve, another horse was horrifically injured and subsequently killed at the Two Wells rodeo. This is what these elected representatives condone.

Hon Michael Atkinson - Member for Croydon - ALP
Mrs Lyn Breuer -
Member for Giles - ALP
Mr Paul Caica
- Member for Colton - ALP
Hon Terry Cameron -
Independent - Legislative Council
Ms Vini Ciccarello -
Member for Norwood - ALP
Hon Patrick Conlon -
Member for Elder - ALP
Hon Andrew Evans -
Family First Party - Legislative Council
Hon Kevin Foley -
Member for Port Adelaide - ALP - Deputy Premier
Hon Gail Gago
- ALP - Legislative Council
Hon John Gazzola
- ALP - Legislative Council
Mrs Robyn Geraghty -
Member for Torrens - ALP
Mr Kris Hanna - Member for Mitchell - SA Greens
Hon Paul Holloway - ALP - Legislative Council
Hon Steph Key - Member for Ashford - ALP
Mr Tom Koutsantonis - Member for West Torrens - ALP
Hon Peter Lewis - Member for Hammond - Independent
Hon Karlene Maywald - Member for Chaffey - SA National Party
Hon Rory McEwen - Member for Mt Gambier - Independent
Mr Michael O'Brien - Member for Napier - ALP
Ms Jennifer Rankine - Member for Wright - ALP
Hon Mike Rann - Member for Ramsay - ALP - South Australian Premier
Mr John Rau - Member for Enfield - ALP
Hon Terance Roberts - ALP- Legislative Council
Hon Bob Sneath - ALP - Legislative Council
Mr Jack Snelling - Member for Playford - ALP
Hon Lea Stevens - Member for Elizabeth - ALP
Ms Gay Thompson -
Member for Reynell - ALP
Hon Jay Weatherill
- Member for Cheltenham - ALP
Hon Trish White - Member for Taylor - ALP
Hon Michael Wright - Member for Lee - ALP
Hon Nick Xenophon
- Independent - Legislative Council
Hon Carmel Zollo - ALP - Legislative Council

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20 June, 2006